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Front of the Capitol building

Malliotakis Statement on NYC Congestion Pricing Moving Forward

March 30, 2021

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11) today released the following statement on Governor Cuomo's announcement that the Biden Administration has greenlighted the nation's first Congestion Pricing Program in New York City:

"Considering this will be the first Congestion Pricing Progam in the nation, it is irresponsible for the Federal Highway Administration to allow an environmental review as opposed to a more detailed environmental impact statement for this program. At a time when New York City is trying to recover from the pandemic and is already losing residents and businesses to other lower-taxed states at record pace, the last thing we need is another toll to enter the central business district of Manhattan.

"As the Representative for Staten Island and Southern Brooklyn, communities that are both extremely sensitive to tolling, I'm greatly disappointed in the Federal Highway Administration's decision to not require the MTA to conduct a thorough and full-scale review to determine the unintended consequences of the Congestion Pricing Program. As a state legislator, I voted against this program because it would severely impact working-class Americans from transportation starved communities. Now it is clearly part of the de Blasio-Cuomo-Biden Administration's war on cars as well."